A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Bullet Blueprint is a turn-based tactical platformer. Jump, shoot and re-wind time to revise your plan!

The main attraction of Bullet Blueprint is the competitive on-line multiplayer. Two players develop their strategy at the same time. Neither knows what the other is going to do. After both have decided on their battle plans, you see the outcome. The plans are set in motion against each other!

The resulting battle lasts a couple of seconds, but it takes a lot of preparation to secure your plan against all contingencies. Take as much time as you need, and play through multiple scenarios before you decide. The key to Bullet Blueprint is careful planning: During the planning stage, you can rewind time in order to undo any mistakes.

With each purchase of Bullet Blueprint, you get one account on the on-line Bullet Blueprint server. The on-line system lets you play custom games against friends and ranked ladder games against strangers, as well as un-ranked training games.

Game Features

  • on-line multiplayer
  • local hot-seat multiplayer
  • 4 multiplayer game modes
  • match modifiers: insta-gib, free aiming
  • 7 unit types
  • 4 single-player challenge missions
  • over 20 multiplayer maps
  • chose between 12 hats for your units
  • e-mail notifications for running games
  • web-based leaderboards and replays


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