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Bad Luck, your mind was hit by a cluster grenade!!!!
The consequences - your shattered memories - lay before you.
Many adventures embellished your life as a spy:

  • Start Title - A Birth You Can Not Reverse
  • A secret Party - ending with the confusion of many Guests
  • Drug Trip - The chapter of your life, in which you met your wife
  • Car Chase - All ways lead to Norway, except the Autobahn
  • Secret HideOut - ... not so secret at all
  • BossFight - You made him a carrot on a stick!! Maybe!!
  • Social Media - invent a story of your game, which nobody reads! except your friends!
  • End Titles - The beginning!

Every frame has it's own self-explaining controls and you can switch them along. Please have many fun, while experiencing the crazy life of a spy without a knife

Made for Ludum Dare 31 Jam
- Tilman Geishauer
- Niels Meyering
- Robert Pfeiffer
- Erik Wittkorn

with friendly support by dao games

PlatformsWindows, Unity
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsBlubberquark Software, fastpath, DasGewehr
Made withUnity, Wings3D, Blender
TagsLudum Dare 31


ADayInTheLifeOfASpy Windows Standalone.zip 10 MB