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Controls: Click on a tile to get a selection of tiles you can build. If you cannot build on a tile, the border of the buildable area is shown on screen.

There are two types of resources: You see three building materials at the top of the screen: metal, oil, and science juice. You need to spend these as a one-time cost to build on tiles, but mining buildings will also generate some resources (but they cost you space).

The other kind of “resource” is products of tiles that power settlements. They exist on the map, and depend on the current tile configuration. They cannot be saved for later. To sustain a population of N in a settlement, you need at least N energy, N food, and N Oxygen from adjacent tiles. The output of some tiles depends on its adjacent tiles.

A settlement with N people allows you to build inside an N-tile radius, up to 3. If you hover over a settlement, you see the population of the settlement, the building radius, and the products of adjacent tiles it can use. If the output of adjacent decreases, the population and building radius can shrink, but existing built structures outside the radius will stay in place. The goal is to have a population of 25 or more people over all settlements.


deep-sea-settler-windows.zip 11 MB
Version 8 May 18, 2021
deep_sea_settler_source.tar.gz 52 kB

Install instructions

Windows: Double-click launch.bat. It should just work.

Linux: Download and extract the source tar.gz. Install the newest pygame with python3 -m pip install pygame==2.0.1
Then play the game with python3 game.py

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