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i hate this it is creepy

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0/10 Unclimbable Mountain. Jk it was pretty good. Lot of Witness and Myst vibes. OH I GET IT NOW


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how do you get past the part with the big blocks to get onto the mountain to get the last watering can?

i would just autmaticaly walk in circles please fix

i absolutely love this


Wow,just wow

Man this game was FUN! You should make another game like this. I Really loved it, It was unique and colorful and well done. I really enjoyed this game so please make another and let me know when you do @ .

u should rlly not post ur email for the whole world to see

next update?

you should start a youtube channel where you can devlog

Aww, with it saying Oculus Rift input, I thought this would be in VR.

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This used to be compatible with whatever Oculus we had in 2015 when we made this. So it doesn't work any more?

In any case, I have removed "Oculus Rift" from the accessibility data now.

Nonetheless, my daughter and I really enjoyed playing  Wyst, the puzzles was just the right level for her.


just a question,what do the doors do?

what about like daytime to nightime maybe?

Love The New Update!

I Just Thought It Needed A Little More

I Would Love If You Kept Working On It(Good Idea:Adding Puzzles On The Secret Islands)

Since I Loved This Game So Much-I Made Some Fan Art!SUB TO MY CHANNEL XtanoZ

This is a great game. good concept, Its a short and relaxing puzzle game. Nice work on this!


I like how right away you had to solve your first puzzle: Find a light source. Great game, interesting puzzles, fun to play. Nice work!


Really enjoyed playing this. Quite simple and just complex enough to be engaging but not frustrating. I also have a fairly short attention span so it was fun to play this to the end in a short sitting. Also it reminds me of Proteus :)

Hey! The game is very well made! Honestly it is crazy it was only made in 72 hrs

! I played it for my channel lol.

good game, played it in 20 minutes. had fun. sensitivity is extremely high for me, would recommend putting in a slider in a menu system, but it is a game jam game so it is defiantly passable for being made in 72 hours. 


This is a great game and compatible with controller.  However the sensitivity is very low and unadjustable.  Also, there is no sprint.

Overall I love this game and would love to see some updates.  It is challenging and incredibly fun.


Awesome! this is very impressive, especially considering how well it runs on WebGL, well done!

Creative puzzles and a creative aesthetic for such a low-poly game. Well done.

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I love to think the idea was based on the Myst series and how far you have come in just three days.

loved the similarities to Myst, wish it was much much longer, great little exploration game!!

Lots of nice ideas in this game, would love to see more of it !


Al aire libre

 ¡¡¡me encanta este juego!!! ¡Gano esto en cinco minutos!

es muy bueno !!!!!! Soy uruguayo y me encanta su juego jeje.

This game was amazing! Loved it, please make more. 

This needs to be longer though. It was great!


Awesome game! I was a bit confused in the beginning but then figured it out pretty easily (Except for the clouds to cross the river of lava :P) 


The side of the obelisk puzzle's platform is climbable:

This game was cool! i played this on a chromebook


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is this a good game?

I loved the game and I'm really impressed with the time you took to make it but maybe you could either add more challenges/maybe WYST 2

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